10 Amazing Advantages To Pursue A Career in Nursing Profession

10 Amazing Advantages To Pursue A Career in Nursing Profession

Every profession has some advantages and disadvantages but in nursing, disadvantages are less. Nursing is a kind profession for kind people. It deals with the prevention of illness and promotion of health with selfless care. Evidence-based practice is its spirit and advancement of the existing knowledge is its concern. Here are top 10 amazing advantages to pursue a career in nursing which would be helpful to erase the myths about this worthy profession. It can also be considered as a comparison among nursing and the other professions to achieve a better understanding of nursing.

Advantages To Pursue A Career in Nursing

  1. To Serve the Humanity

An affectionate face and kind words go a long way. Nurses provide a level of care to their patients that is incomparable to almost any other profession. They serve the humanity in true meaning. In this profession, you can help the elderly, sick or disabled when they are seeing for a hand to support them. Those persons who are not able to care themselves and no one is available to take this responsibility, these are the nurses who step forward to provide physical and mental support with fidelity and adherence.

  1. High Salaries

Nursing is not only an in-demand but also a high-paying profession. Median Salary of a registered nurse is 68,450$ in the United States and  600,000 in Pakistan annually. However, salary trends vary according to the designation, experience, education and working area. Nurses can also increase their earnings by working on holidays, weekends and part-time jobs.

  1. Job Availability

The nursing shortage is still a big problem for all developed countries. While in the developing countries like Pakistan nurse to patient ratio is very low. So it’s much easier to find a job in nursing. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics demands RN’s in the United States is projected to 26% between 2010-2020 that’s a very fast growth as compared to all other professions. In 2016 every nurse in Pakistan was is supposed to care 30 general beds, comparatively a very low ratio to the international standard that is 1:10 for general beds. While according to the statistics revealed in 2013 by the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences the current nurse to patient ratio in Pakistan is 1:50.

  1. International Career

Many persons chose to go abroad to earn good money and to travel the world. Being a nurse it is easier to find a job abroad. As discussed above nursing shortage is a big issue in all over the world, so it makes easier to build your international career. For this purpose, you to have to complete your graduation in nursing, pass the licensure exam, fulfill the requirements of the visiting country and higher job-availability helps you to find an international job.

  1. Treatment of Illnesses

Those who like to investigate, diagnose and cure the general ailments, nursing is the best job for them. Many studies revealed that Nurse Practitioners are providing optimum care as they are trained to manage more diverse conditions and chronic illnesses. For example, a study in London by general practitioners Dr. Chau Shum and Dr. David Miller showed that patients were significantly more satisfied with their consultations with nurse practitioners as compared to doctors.

  1. Nurses are Leaders

Nurse leadership is necessary for hiring the staff, quality care outcomes, productivity and maintain the patients’ outcomes. These are the nurses who are trained for leadership at all levels from undergraduate to post-graduate levels. Many experts from research forum have described the importance of leadership skills from national and international initiatives. 

  1. A Noble Profession

When talking about nursing it is called a noble profession regarding different aspects. No doubt this is the nurses’ specialty to care of the people in the hospital, community, nursing homes etc. Nurses provide care from the heart, they support their patients, improve their health patterns, help, teach and counsel them. Another aspect that makes it a noble profession is, all these job’s tasks are done selflessly by the nurses just for the sake of their personal fulfillment.

  1. Flexibility Between Job and Life

In this profession, it’s not difficult to make leisure time for yourself, family and friends. Your social life does not affect with a lot of job-stress like many other professions. Nurses can work with their own schedules. They have options when do work or when do not. I personally know many people related to this profession who work only on some particular days, weekends or hours according to their choice. For example, who have to give their time to families or children in the daytime, work on evening and nights or another way around.

  1. Diversity

Another Advantage to Pursue a Career in Nursing Profession is the scope of field-variety. There are dozens of specialties in nursing.  A very few professions offer this plenty of diversity. You can work with any certain type of patients which you like e.g. psychiatry, gynecology, pediatric, oncology or geriatric etc.

  1. Trustworthy

You will be surprised to know that nursing is considered as a most trusted profession in U.K and USA. According to the Gallup, Poll nursing is the top trusted profession for consecutive 15 years among the 22 professions including doctors and security officers.


The career of nursing is highly appreciable but the myths are due to the least awareness about it. In fact, a decision to join any profession is not based on some pros and cons it’s the matter of interest that leads to pursue a particular field. Above mentioned 10 amazing advantages to pursue a career in nursing should be fruitful to make a better understanding for the newbies. The ability to choose a particular specialty is a major aspect that benefits forever.



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