Scope of BS Nursing | Salaries and Job Opportunities in Pakistan

Scope of BS Nursing

Scope of BS Nursing in Pakistan

Generic Nursing and Post RN BSN degree programs are offered by many institutions in Pakistan. This is the most advanced education in nursing that focuses on the problem solving, critical thinking, leadership and management and critical care of the sick as well. Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) is a leading independent panel working for the betterment and amelioration in the nursing profession. To bring advancement in the nursing education PNC is also going to replace the general nursing diploma program by Generic Nursing degree program. So the scope of BS Nursing in Pakistan and all over the world is very bright withal further enhancements and modifications.

It is said that nurses never remained unemployed but in the matter of graduate nurses; they never remained unsuccessful in acquiring the honor, wealth, and prosperity. Thus the students having 12th in pre-medical combination (Phy, Che, Bio) or diploma in general nursing with one-year post basic specialty diploma with at least 50 percent marks have a great opportunity to build their careers as graduate nurses.

Scope of BS Nursing in Abroad

In fact, BS Nursing is an international degree in nursing education; therefore the demand for graduate nurses is very high abroad. Many graduate nurses from Pakistan go to the foreign countries and find best jobs with attractive salaries that are a big proof of the high demand for graduate nurses at international levels.

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Other Degree Programs after BS Nursing

After BS Nursing students can boost their career by further qualification relevant to their field.

  • MS Nursing
  • Master in Public Health
  • Master in Epidemiology
  • Master in Bio-statistics
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology
  • MBA Hospital Management
  • MBA Healthcare Management
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology
  • Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry

Job Opportunities after BS Nursing

After the completion of BS Nursing, different jobs are available in government and private sectors. A graduate degree holder can apply to any of these areas:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Nursing Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Orphanage Homes
  • Ambulatory Services
  • Home Patient Care Jobs

A graduate nurse can get different jobs of different designations on the basis of their qualification and experience:

  • Staff Nurse
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Nursing Instructor
  • Head Nurse
  • Clinical Nursing Supervisor
  • Assistant Nursing Superintendent
  • Nursing Superintendent
  • Nurse Matron
  • Nursing Director
  • Chief Nursing Superintendent

Salary Packages for BSN Nurses In Pakistan

Salaries can vary on the basis of experience, qualification, and sector of the employment.

Staff Nurse28,000 — 48000
Head Nurse / Nursing Manager40,000 — 70,000
Nursing Instructor45,000 — 70,000
Nursing Superintendent / Matron / Director80,000 — 120,000



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