Scope of BS Nursing | Salaries and Job Opportunities in Pakistan


Scope of BS Nursing

If you are thinking of going to nursing school, it is necessary to be aware of the insight into this profession. It will help you to get an idea about the scope and job opportunities in nursing. Significantly, nurses in Pakistan play notable and varying roles in the health sector. They are responsible to cater to the well-being of the patients by providing efficient medical services. Due to the versatility in the nursing profession, you can seek different specialties according to your liking. Moreover, if you want to achieve your career goals in nursing, it is crucial to receive a professional education. It will elevate the level of your skills and expertise towards reaching success.

It is said that nurses never remained unemployed but in the matter of graduate nurses; they never remained unsuccessful in acquiring the honor, wealth, and prosperity. Thus the students having 12th in pre-medical combination (Phy, Che, Bio) or diploma in general nursing with one-year post basic specialty diploma with at least 50 percent marks have a great opportunity to build their careers as graduate nurses.

Scope of BS Nursing in Pakistan 

The services of nurses have been valued all over the world. They are the key persons of the health care department. Patients depend upon the nurses to get the needed care treatment through efficient methods. Since the nurses directly deal with the patients, it is essential to get adequate education before joining the profession.

There is a dire need for nurses in Pakistan because patients need effective treatment when injured or dealing with a medical condition. Due to this factor, nursing has become one of the most needed professions here. So, if you have received professional education like a BS in nursing, you will have a variety of career opportunities. Many hospitals and medical institutions in Pakistan recruit nurses who fulfill patients’ care needs and assist the doctors. That’s how nurses are trained and get chances of career growth.

Many institutions offer generic Nursing and Post RN BSN degree programs in Pakistan. It is the most advanced education in nursing that focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership and management, and critical care of the sick. Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) is a leading independent panel working for the betterment and amelioration of the nursing profession. To bring advancement in nursing education, PNC is also going to replace the general nursing diploma program with a Generic Nursing degree program. So the scope of BS Nursing in Pakistan and all over the world is very bright with further enhancements and modifications.

It is said that nurses never remain unemployed, but graduate nurses ensure to acquire more experience and profit. Thus, students with intermediate in pre-medical combination (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or diploma in general nursing with one-year post basic specialty diploma with at least 50 percent marks have a great opportunity to build their careers as graduate nurses.

Scope of BS Nursing in Abroad

Internationally, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is a well-known degree program. It provides you with a wide range of opportunities that can uplift your career. You can get the desired job in a reputable hospital by having a nursing degree. It will enhance your credibility and offer you competent roles for your professional growth.

In fact, BS Nursing is an international degree in nursing education; therefore, the demand for graduate nurses is very high abroad. Many graduate nurses from Pakistan go to foreign countries and find the best jobs with attractive salaries that are big proof of the high demand for graduate nurses at international levels.

For those who want to get more experience and upgrade their salary packages, applying for international nursing applications will be helpful. Due to the immense scope of nursing, you can get many different career options in nursing. Therefore, by having an adequate set of skills and education, you can get enough profit from this profession.

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Other Degree Programs after BS Nursing

After BS Nursing students can boost their career by further qualification relevant to their field.

  • MS Nursing
  • Master in Public Health
  • Master in Epidemiology
  • Master in Bio-statistics
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology
  • MBA Hospital Management
  • MBA Healthcare Management
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Philosophy in Biotechnology
  • Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry


What are the Job Opportunities after BS Nursing?

After the completion of BS Nursing, different jobs are available in the government and private sectors. A graduate degree holder can apply to any of these areas:
• Government Hospitals
• Private Hospitals
• Nursing Institutions
• NGOs
• Nursing Homes
• Orphanage Homes
• Ambulatory Services
• Home Patient Care Jobs
A graduate nurse can get different jobs of different designations on the basis of their qualification and experience:
• Staff Nurse
• Community Health Nurse
• Nursing Instructor
• Head Nurse
• Clinical Nursing Supervisor
• Assistant Nursing Superintendent
• Nursing Superintendent
• Nurse Matron
• Nursing Director
• Chief Nursing Superintendent

Salary Packages for BSN Nurses In Pakistan?

Salaries can vary on the basis of experience, qualification, and sector of employment.
● The staff nurse gets a salary of around 40,000-80,000.
● For Head Nurse and Nursing Manager, it is up to 60,000-100,000.
● The approximate salary of a Nursing Instructor is 45,000-100,000.
● Nursing Superintendent/Matron/Director can get 80,000-1,50,000.

Final Thoughts:

Having a bachelor’s degree in nursing will surely open the gateway to various opportunities. You can gain valuable knowledge and enter the stream of professional nursing. With the theoretical and practical information, you can grow and reach your career goals. Since nursing is a noble profession, it will allow you to experience different hierarchical roles depending on the quality of your services.

After completing the BSN, you can also specialize in the professional fields of nursing. It will help you to enhance the reliability of your services. In addition, it will also assure you to get the desired job in a reputable hospital or medical institution.


  1. mjy pta nai chl rha bs or bsn nursing k bary me is ka last merit kitna tha or kya bsn nursing fsc k bad ho skti h in dono ka scale or course year kitna h or lahore me ye kn se institutes se hoti h or ab admission form kb mily gy apply krne k liye is or kha se plz. help me about this

  2. i.m doing general nursing after that inshALLAH i will do BS nursing including 1 year specialization…so i want to ask you that what is the difference between BS nursing or generic BSN…is that equal in scale or not….kindly guide me

  3. sir i want to ask you that after general nursing including 1 year specialization the admission in BS nursing must required 2 year of clinical experience after specialization or not

  4. We need Medical Staff for Germany
    Health and podiatric nurses, nursing assistants Anaesthesia, Interdisciplinary intensive care unit
    Anaesthesia / OP department, Intensive care / ventilation, Unit Children’s intensive care unit
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    Care unit Intensive care unit and cardiac catheter laboratory, Anaesthesia and intensive medicine
    Paediatric care
    Gastroenterology, Neurology and neurologist. Early rehabilitation
    Trauma surgery
    Deputy wards manager, Nursing management, Exam. Health and Healthcare
    Doctor in further training for the specialist areas
    Trauma surgery
    Psychiatry, Paediatric and adolescent, medicine Intensive care / renal replacement procedures
    Specialist anaesthesiologist, Anaesthesiology / pain therapy, senior physician for podiatric and adolescent medicine
    Internal medicine, intensive care
    Intensive care
    Physicians’ senior physician for obstetrics, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
    Internal medicine
    Neurology, Anaesthesia
    Neurology and internal medicine, General practitioners, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy
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  5. I would like to thank you for the time you have made in writing this blogpost. I am hoping the same top-quality work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing skill has inspired me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a good example of it.

  6. yes ap f. sc k bad kr sakty hn .
    Bs 17 ha
    4 year degree program plus one year internship
    stipend is 31470 and internship is unpaid.
    Now a days admission is open at DHQ level and tertiary level.
    you have good opportunity so avail it.
    Thank you😊

  7. I’ve a lot of confusion because I’m going bs biochemistry in a government university and I’ve passed 4 semesters but now I’m selected for Bs nursing in nishter
    So I’m truly confused which can I choose which can give me bright future whether choosing bs biochemistry or waste it and do Bs nursing

    • Areeba actually thing is that nothing is wasted if you are doing biochemistry, but Nursing is bright career have a lot of scope in other countries as well in pakistan just think for yourself in which field you feel peace and satisfaction.


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