Scope of MSN | Salaries and Job Opportunities in Pakistan


Oftenly people ask “should I get my masters in nursing or what is the benefit of the masters of science in nursing”. While talking about Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) the word “success” comes into mind. Master of Science in Nursing is a very good choice for those who want move to the higher posts in the nursing profession. After Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN), many people decide to acquire further education but failed due to the jobs, families, responsibilities, and lack of interest with the time flies. While The Scope of MSN, salaries, and job opportunities are evident and ascertained. If you want to expand your nursing career it will open the various doors for success.

Scope of MSN in Pakistan

The scope of MSN in Pakistan is promising related to the salary-packages and job availability. In Pakistan, MSN is in high-demand because of leadership shortage. Even though the nurses’ faction reached this level of study in Pakistan. Another reason is that after completing the higher education in nursing a large group of people prefers to go abroad that’s why a huge gap is always needed to be filled with qualified leaders. Now with the inauguration of King Hamad Nursing University Islamabad, the standard of nursing is becoming very high in Pakistan and more educated supervisors, instructors, managers, and directors are required everywhere.

Scope of MSN in World

When it comes to the MSN degree programs worldwide, it entails a wide range of opportunities. Due to several specializations in the Master’s of nursing, it has become immensely significant. The in-depth study related to the treatment of patients and understanding of patient’s care makes it more beneficial. All the well-known universities and education institutions around the world have this degree program. It offers you a decent salary package and a chance to work in reputable international medical institutions. It increases your career growth and enhances the reliability of your nursing services.

MSN degree program is designed according to the international needs of nursing leaders, teachers, clinicians, and researchers. This nursing program enables you to productively participate in the betterment of the profession and society at the international level. So there are a lot of opportunities abroad for Master’s degree holders. It is also easy to find admission internationally for all postgraduate programs and a nursing job simultaneously. There you can specialize in nursing practice and pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree that allows you to practice independently in hospitals, clinics, and communities.

What is the Jobs Opportunity after MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) in Pakistan?

There are a lot of job opportunities available at hospitals for different designations according to the experience.
Hospital Sector
• Head Nurse
• Nursing Supervisor
• Deputy Nursing Superintendent
• Nursing Superintendent
• Nursing Director
• Matron
• Clinical Nurse Specialist
• Nursing Administrator

Jobs Opportunity for MSN in Educational Sector
• Nursing Instructor
• Assistant Professor
• Professor
• Head of the Department
• Researcher
• Nursing Administrator
• Clinical Instructor

MSN Jobs Opportunity in Community Sector
There are a lot of jobs in the community in governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO). However, in Pakistan these jobs are rare.
• Health Educator
• Community Health Officer
• School Health Nurse
• Maternal Care Nurse
• Community-Based Nursing Coordinator
• Director of Nursing
• Nursing Unit Manager

What is the salary of a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Pakistan

Salaries vary from jobs, designation, area of work, and other credentials. But an estimated starting average salary package has been given below.
● The salary of a Head Nurse and Nursing Supervisor ranges up to 80,000-1,50,000
● Nursing Superintendent/Matron/ Director get the potential salary of around 1,00,000-2,50,000 PKR.
● Nursing instructors can vouch for 90,000-1,50,000.
● Professor/HOD/ Administrator gets up to 1,20,000-3,50,000

Final Thoughts

Master of Science in Nursing is an advanced degree that makes you more competent, qualified, and efficient. Its reach has value at an international level. Career opportunities are huge and salaries are attractive. If you want to increase your career and MS Nursing salaries is the best career choice for you.


  1. This is Raheel Aftab from United States of America. I would encourage all Pakistani nurses to obtain the M.S.N in mental health nursing. It is in good demand. After getting M.S.N in U.S.A we work as doctor.
    Thank you.


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