The use of Internet in Nursing education and practice


Use of Internet in Nursing education and practice

The Internet and the Nursing are two different worlds in the universe of science. But interestingly with the best of both worlds, a new world of learning, comprehension, proficiency, and implementation can be created. The Internet is a worldwide web or network of computers and servers connected all over the world.  Use of Internet in Nursing education and practice is very important.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, most of the nurses do not use the internet. The only thing that hit the nail on the head, they are not familiar with web-surfing. Even though who are familiar with its importance also show an ignorant behavior towards it. Use of internet in nursing is important not only for the nurses but also for the patients to seek health related concerns. In this era, it has become a responsibility of a nurse to utilize these advanced resources rather than to hit the books in order to improve their knowledge.

What does the internet provide?

The Internet provides two main advantages to the nurses.

  1. Communication

Nurses can utilize this source of communication. The patient or their relatives come to discuss different health related concerns with one another and with their health care providers on Social media. For example patients with Cancer, AIDS or any other rare illness join these groups to share their problems, personal experiences, knowledge, and encouragements to one another. Nurses can teach, counsel and guide to their patients through this source of media.

Other sources of communication between nurses and their patients are Electronic-mail (e-mail). E-mail is also a most popular and easiest way to communicate with their patients. Moreover, Patients can receive answer related to their illnesses round the clock from their nurses. According to a survey, 80% of patients want to contact with their health care providers. While, Nurses can answer to their current problems, guide and encourage them even after their discharge from the hospital.

  1. Information

Nurses can utilize the internet to get a lot of information related to the patient’s disease, treatment, nursing care plans, and procedures. Nurses also can read researches, blogs, and articles to strengthen their knowledge.

Which kind of information a Nurse can Get by using of internet

Diagnostic care

When a nurse receives a patient with any medical diagnosis, the very first thing is that nurse must be familiar with it. If a nurse is not familiar with the patient’s diagnosis it’s not a big problem. Just one click can tell all about that disease. In the same way, if a nurse doesn’t know or doubted about the prescribed medicine, its uses, dosage calculation etc. it can be learned in just a few minutes or even seconds by using the internet. In short, all those problems which a nurse faces while dealing with patients related to the diseases, medications, labs, nursing management can be solved instantly through the use of internet resources.

Research articles

Nursing research has a great effect on the nursing practice. Evidence-based practice is the integration of the available best research evidence with the patient’s values and clinical expertise. Nurses can easily find these researches on the internet to make their practice best. It will not only boost their knowledge but also provide the best nursing care to their patients.


Nursing blogs are the most simple, particular and easiest way to gain a lot of information. If you are creative, curious and a brain storming nurse you must read these blogs. There is a huge list of nursing blogs available on the internet. Blogs reading enhance your knowledge, make you familiar with those exposures you never face and polish your career in a tremendous way

Jobs and admissions

The internet use of internet in nursing is the best way to find a job. And, it provides a lot of choice and job opportunities for all nurses. Nurses can get all the information like scope, statistics of salaries, job descriptions and much more about different kinds of jobs like community nurse, clinical nurse, nursing instructor etc. Similarly, those nurses who want to continue their studies can gather overall information related to the admissions and can apply easily by using internet resources. In short while sitting in their bedrooms they can visit many countries, cities, universities, and hospitals to search a better option for themselves.


In the absence of internet, it was probably impossible to attain more and more education without leaving your home. Now students can access to different graduate and post graduate class rooms online. Anyone anywhere can join these classes just with a computer and an internet-support. The online education system is very easy, flexible and cost-effective.


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