What Are The 5 Priorities Of Nursing Care?

What Are The 5 Priorities Of Nursing Care?

Nursing care is often the place where patients spend the last phase of their life. Many people are there wilfully, and many are there due to unfortunate circumstances that are out of their control.

Whatever the case, this puts the nursing care institutions in a position of high responsibility. A lot of the situations that come up there are quite challenging. Therefore, a proper protocol of priority lists is followed so that any deterrent situation is tactfully dealt with. 

In this article, we shall expand upon the responsibilities and priorities of nursing care. Let’s have a look at them right away:

What are the responsibilities of nursing care?

To sum it up efficiently, the responsibilities of nursing care involve displaying compassion and making things easy. 

As mentioned above, nursing care homes have several sensitive patients. This means that there’s a need to take care of a lot of things. 

Amongst the primary responsibilities of nursing care are the following:

Promoting comfort

Nursing care should make the patients feel warm and comforted. Surely, there’s no substitute for the warmth that comes from the family and loved ones. However, the nurses must ensure that patients rest in the maximum possible comfort there. 

Relief of pain

A lot of patients at the nursing home are in miserable conditions. It is the duty of the nursing care to do their best to relieve them from the pain. 

Support for patients and families

Nursing care often serves as the bridge between families and patients. It is the duty of the nurses to ensure fluid communication. 

Decision Making 

Other responsibilities of nursing care include decision-making situations. It lies upon them to make sure that the decision-making formalities for the final stages of a patient’s life are handled as early and efficiently as possible. 

The priorities

Now that you understand the responsibilities, let’s see the priorities of nursing care:

Recognizing that someone is dying

This is the prime. Nursing care needs to be very vigilant in such critical situations. Because that’s where quick action is needed. 

Communicating sensitively with them and their family

Most people have a negative reaction to death. Therefore, it is important that the news of demise is tactfully communicated to the families. Plus, if the patient is reasonably in sense at their time of death, then the nursing care needs to talk to them and make things easy for them as well.

Involving them in decisions

Nursing care isn’t always independent with their decisions regarding the patients. Therefore, it is vital that they adequately involve the family members in any decision that’s crucial.

Supporting them and their family

This one goes without saying. Nursing care isn’t doing a job properly if it isn’t offering adequate support to the patients and family members. 

Creating an individual plan of care that includes adequate nutrition and hydration

Patients at the nursing home have special nutritional needs. Plus, they also need the medications timely. 

Nursing care is liable to ensure that the patients are well-nourished and heal properly with medicines.

Final Words

Nursing care is a place for healing. With the right approach and support, it can truly make the lives of the patients easy and joyful. 

If you are looking for nursing care for yourself or for a loved one, then you’d now know what to look for before selecting the right nursing care.


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