Male nurses of Punjab are Protesting in front of Lahore Press Club


Male Nurses of Punjab are Protesting

Male nurses of Punjab are protesting in front of Lahore Press Club against male-disparity in government jobs. The story behind this matter is that government has announced more than 12,000 thousand seats for nurses through Punjab Public Service Commission. But the job’s title “ only for females” hurt and disappointed thousands of male-nurses in Punjab. Recently the government has announced 4753 seats for nurses in Punjab with the same job title. Due to this tragedy, most of the male-nurses are unemployed or constrained to work in private institutes at very low salaries.

They have earned their diploma and degrees after spending 3-5 years and several lacs, but now are the victim of gender-inequality. They have also requested many times to the government and Pakistan Nursing Council for their recruitment but no use. Today they are on roads, saying “No to Inequality” and want a satisfactory answer by Government of Punjab and Pakistan Nursing Council.


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