Male Nursing in Pakistan


You may be familiar with the field of nursing but have you ever heard the name of male nursing. Of course, you may be surprised to hear it and coming up with a question in mind, nursing is not the only Female Oriented profession. So there my answer would be in the negative is because not only the Females are involved but Males are also involved with the nursing.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqgg61eh2yd” html=”true” headline=”p” img=”” question=”Who is the founder of nursing ” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]florence nightgale is the founder of modern nursing [/sc_fs_faq]

For decades the field of nursing has been attributed solely to women. But the surprising fact is that ten percent of the nurses are male. Male have long suffered from gender discrimination in the nursing field. And there were many steps that led to many male nurses not becoming part of the nursing field. For example, from 1900 to 1955, only female nurses could join the army, and there were many nursing colleges in which only female students can join.

But after 1970, Demand for nurses increased so much that it was not possible to restrict the nursing sector to Only Females. So more and more people had to be brought to nursing so that patients could be better cared for. As a result, the nursing fields were opened to men. So the demand in men’s nursing field also increased. According to American Labor Statistics, the number of men in the nursing sector has increased to 12 percent by 2013, a triple compared to 1970. Moreover, According to the American Association for Men in Nursing, these numbers will be increased to 20% by 2020.

On the contrary, when we look very far in history we see a significant role of men in nursing and we find that nursing has not always been the profession of women. Male nurses care for the sick and infected during the plague epidemic in Europe. it was still men who served patients in ancient Rome. Male nurses built the hospital in the thirteenth century, where people were provided nursing care.

Men in the nursing profession have historically been highly regarded and then thought that health services were the responsibility of the male nurse. Both men and women used to serve nursing, and then nursing was not known as a Profession. Everyone volunteered to serve. Then the concept “Only for Females” born. and This concept has its roots in the nineteenth century when Florence Nightingale founded modern nursing. Florence Nightingale established the nursing as a Females Profession. Because she believed that nursing was the most appropriate field for females and here a concept was born. This Concept was called Family Based Institutional Model. According to this Institutional Model, the Doctors was assumed as father, the nurse as the mother and the patient as a child.

Male in Nursing 

On the one hand, the importance of men in the field of nursing is widely accepted in the world and male nurses are viewed with appreciation. While on the other hand, Even today in Pakistan, the field of nursing is recognized as the only and only women’s Profession.


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