7 Qualities That Define A Good Nurse

7 Qualities That Define A Good Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs), the nation’s largest healthcare profession, show no signs of slowing down. They outperform in terms of anticipated job growth, influence, and leadership demand. Given the significant national and global growth projections for RNs, as well as the growing importance of the nursing profession, understanding the qualities of a good nurse is invaluable to hospitals and health systems seeking to attract and retain the best nursing talent.

If you want to be a good nurse, we’ve listed seven qualities you should have in this blog. Let’s get started!

7 Qualities That Define A Good Nurse

1. Caring

Caring makes all the difference to patients as a nursing quality. A nurse who has a natural tendency to truly care about how their patients feel (and thus how well they perform their job) will have a significant impact on their nursing success, making caring a key indicator of a nurse’s success.

2. Communication Skills

The ability to effectively communicate with other nurses, physicians, and disciplines across other units, patients, and their families is critical to a nurse’s role.

Medical errors are more likely to occur due to miscommunication. Patients frequently feel neglected or misinformed, and the entire unit suffers as a result. Nurses will provide safer care and benefit their patients, their unit, and the entire hospital/health system by prioritizing and practicing communication skills.

3. Empathy

With nurses caring for thousands of patients over the course of their careers, it’s all too easy to become insensitive or forget what it’s like to be a “nonclinical” person. A good nurse is one who empathizes with each patient, making a genuine effort to put themselves in their patients’ shoes.

Nurses who practice empathy are more likely to treat their patients as “people” and to focus on person-centered care rather than strictly following routine guidelines. When patients are fortunate enough to encounter these qualities of a good nurse, their care experience is enhanced.

4. Attention To Detail

One of the nurse personality traits that can easily and quickly determine how successful they will be in their role is a strong attention to detail. Nurses are undoubtedly under tremendous stress as they balance receiving orders from physicians with using their own knowledge skills and critical judgment to provide the best possible patient care. A good nurse understands that the stakes are high and that, unlike most other professions, they are responsible for people’s health and, more importantly, their lives.

5. Problem-Solving Skills

While clinical knowledge and training are provided throughout a nurse’s education, on-the-job training is the most effective way to shape a nurse’s problem-solving abilities. Although years of experience can help hone this skill, some nurses are born with superior problem-solving abilities as part of their qualities and traits as a nurse.

6. Stamina

One of the most underappreciated aspects of nurses’ jobs is their physical demands. With patient lifting and adjusting, a nurse lifts an average of 1.8 tons (roughly the weight of a hippo) in one shift. Furthermore, studies have revealed that nurses walk an average of 4-5 miles per shift.

In a typical 12-hour shift, nurses must maintain a unique balance of physical and emotional stamina that few other industries experience. The ability to manage this skill effectively is what distinguishes a great nurse.

7. Sense Of Humor

Nurses who can find time for a laugh in such a mentally and physically demanding profession are typically more successful in their roles. Because nurses work in a variety of high-stress situations, taking advantage of downtime and adopting a lighthearted attitude can provide immense stress relief.

Having a good sense of humor also helps to spread positivity to other nurses, patients, and their families.

To Wrap Up

If you’re an aspiring nurse, it’s important that you have the aforementioned qualities in order to become a great nurse. If you want to know more about nursing, Nursing Scholar has all the information available.


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