The Superior College of Nursing Admission 2021

Superior College of Nursing Admissions
Superior College of Nursing Admissions for Post RN and BSN 2021

Superior Nursing College is a well rounded option for anyone who wishes to pursue the discipline of nursing with a well built campus in Lahore and an established reputation as their parent organization Superior University which was founded on the 5th of January in the year 2000; being chartered by the Government of Punjab and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). They offer a multitude of different programs such in the field of business, commerce, economics, engineering, information technology and in the field of nursing.

Superior Nursing College itself has ties to Jinnah Hospital Lahore and Azra Naheed Medical College which further adds to its credibility as an institution for the field of medical sciences and nursing. It is also recognized by the PNC as an institute for nursing programs.


The two programs offered by Superior Nursing College are BSN (Bachelor’s in Nursing) and Post RN-BSN (Registered Nurse) with both programs offering 60 seats. The seats are open merit which means both males and females may apply.

Superior Nursing College offers admission once a year for the programs of nursing with the last date to apply for admission being 21st June and classes to begin in the fall season.

The prospectus fee is Rs.1000

NOTE: All students are required to collect their prospectus before the admissions deadline from the campus.

Eligibility Criteria For BSN

To be eligible to apply for the Program of BSN, prospective students would need to have cleared 12 years of education and HSSC/A-Levels/Intermediate with biology as a subject included with at least 50% marks.

Eligibility Criteria.

●     !2 years of education
●     HSSC/A-Levels/Intermediate (Biology as a subject compulsory)


Fees for BSN.

The fees required for the program of BSN can be broken down into three parts with Fees per Semester being around Rs.54000, the admission fees being Rs.35000 and the examination fees being Rs.1000

Fees Breakdown for BSN (Bachelor’s in Nursing)

Fees per SemesterRs.54000
Admission feesRs.35000
Examination FeesRs.1000

Eligibility Criteria for Post-RN BSN.

For a student to successfully enroll in the program of Post-RN BSN they would need to have 12 years of education with a background in science, a 3 year diploma in the field of nursing, 1 year of specialization.

2 years worth of working experience is also required to enroll into the program

Eligibility Criteria

●     12 years of education with a science background (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
●     3 year diploma in nursing
●     1 year of specialization
●     2 years of working experience


NOTE: A Non Objection Certificate will also be required from the respective departments to enroll in Post-RN BSN

Fees for Post-RN BSN

The Post RN program has a fee breakdown of Rs.76000 per semester, admission fees worth Rs.35000 and the examination fees coming around Rs.1000.

Fees for Post RN BSN

Fees Per SemesterRs.76000
Admission FeesRs.35000
Examination FeesRs. 1000


As Superior Nursing College has ties to Jinnah Hospital Lahore they have internships in the mentioned hospitals which are mandatory for students. These internships would net you around Rs.15000 to Rs.20000.


The Superior Nursing College also offers hostels which means that any interested student living outside of Lahore can also consider the college for any of the two programs mentioned above.

How to Apply?

Unfortunately the only way to apply for the aforementioned programs is to visit the Superior Nursing College as there is no online portal or website to apply for admissions.



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