Pakistan Nursing Council banned colleges

Banned institutes
Pakistan Nursing Council banned colleges

Pakistan Nursing Council banned the following nursing colleges.

According to the council’s decision, the list of colleges declared illegal includes 22 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 12 in Punjab and 11 in Sindh.These institutes are banned only to offer degree programmes and to be continued for diploma education.The banned institutions were mainly lacking the faculty, infrastructure, laboratories, equipment and other mandatory requirements.

The list KP’s illegal nursing institutions consisted on

  1. Swat, Rehman College of Nursing, Malakand
  2. Aman Ullah Khan College of Nursing, Mansehra
  3. Dilshad College of Nursing, Swat
  4. Valley Heart Institute of Nursing, Swat
  5. Ambassador College of Nursing, Peshawar
  6. Peshawar College of Nursing, Peshawar
  7. United College of Nursing, Swat
  8. Zaib College of Nursing, Timergarh Lower Der
  9. Fims College of Nursing, Malakand
  10. Azam College of Nursing, Swat
  11. Meret College of Nursing Lower Der
  12. Bilal Institute of Nursing, Lower Der
  13. Elizabeth College of Nursing, Mardan
  14. Hamdan Institute of Nursing, Swabi
  15. Shergarh College of Nursing, Mardan
  16. International College of Nursing, Peshawar
  17. Elizabeth Rani College of Nursing and Allied Sciences, Charsada
  18. Baki College of Nursing, Peshawar
  19. National College of Nursing, Peshawar
  20. Alshifa International College of Nursing
  21. Hallmark College of Nursing, Peshawar
  22. Eagle College of Nursing



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