Complete List of PNC Approved Nursing Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Pakistan – 2024 Edition

Pakistan boasts a thriving nursing education landscape, with over 560 nursing colleges and schools scattered across the country. These institutions play a vital role in nurturing future generations of nurses, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and compassion needed to deliver high-quality healthcare to patients. Notably, Punjab leads the way with 197 colleges, followed by Sindh with 167, making them the two leading provinces in terms of nursing education. The distribution of colleges across other provinces is as follows:

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP): 125 colleges
  • Balochistan: 36 colleges
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK): 9 colleges
  • Federal: 23 colleges
  • Gilgit Baltistan: 03 colleges

Of the 539 institutions, 189 are government-run, providing accessible and affordable nursing education to students. These colleges not only offer lower tuition fees and some of them, also offer stipend pay. The remaining 371 colleges are private institutions, offering a diverse range of programs and facilities. While they may have higher fees, they often cater to specific student needs and specialize in various nursing disciplines.

Map of Pakistan showing distribution of 560 nursing colleges, schools, and universities by province: Punjab 197, Sindh 167, KPK 125, Federal 23, Azad Kashmir 9, Gilgit Baltistan 3.
Discover how each province contributes to the nation’s 560 nursing colleges, schools, and universities, with Punjab, Sindh, and KPK at the forefront.

Surge in Nursing Colleges and Universities Post-1990 in Pakistan

At the time of independence, Pakistan had only three nursing colleges, In the 1990s, there were only about 80 nursing institutions nationwide. However, by 2016, this number had risen to approximately 239, and in recent years, it has surged to over 560. This exponential growth is not just a reflection of the increasing demand for nursing professionals. The landscape of nursing education in Pakistan has undergone a significant transformation, particularly following the shift from diploma-based nursing to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs.
For more on the history of nursing in Pakistan and its evolution since independence, visit our detailed article.

MSN, BSN, Post-RN and Fast Track BSN Nursing Schools & Colleges in Pakistan

S No.Name of InstitutionsCityPrograms & SeatsQuota
Contact Details
1Aga Khan UniversityKarachi, SindhBSN: 150
Post RN: 120
MSN: 25
M: 15 / F: 135
M: 60 / F: 60
M & F: 25
Phone:+ 9221 34862900
AKU Website
2Shifa Collage of Nursing
IslamabadBSN: 30
Post RN: 30
MSN: 08
M: 03 / F: 27
M: 15 / F: 15
M & F: 08
SCON Website
SCON Email Adress
3Isra UniversityHyderabad, SindhBSN: 35F: 35Phone:+9222 2030181
Isra Webiste
[email protected]
4Ziauddin University Hospital
Karachi, SindhBSN: 100
Post RN: 50
Fast Track BSN: 50
MSN: 25
M: 10 / F: 90
M: 25 / F: 25
M: 25 / F: 25
M & F: 25
Phone:021 35862937-9
ZU Website
5Liaquat National College of NursingKarachi, SindhBSN: 60
Post RN: 70
M: 06 / F: 54
M: 35 / F: 35
Phone:021 111456456
LNH Website
6DOW University of
Health Sciences
Karachi, SindhBSN: 50
Post RN: 25
MSN: 20
M: 05 / F: 45
M: 12 / F: 13
M & F: 20
Phone: 02199215754-7 & 32715441-466
DOW Website
7Khyber Medical University
Peshawar, KPKBSN: 30
Post RN: 30
M: 03 / F: 27
M: 15 / F: 15
KMU Website
8 Lahore School of NursingLahore, PunjabBSN: 30
Post RN: 50
MSN: 10
M: 03 / F: 27
M: 25 / F: 25
M & F: 10

LSN Website
[email protected]
9Baqai UniversityKarachi, SindhBSN: 25M: 03 / F: 22Phone:02134410-293
to 298
Baqai Website
10Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center
Karachi, SindhPost RN: 20M: 10 / F: 10Phone:+922199201300
JPMC Website
[email protected]
11Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical InstituteRawalpindi, PunjabBSN: 35
Post RN: 35
F: 35
F: 35
Afpgmi Website
[email protected]
12Saida Waheed FMH College of NursingLahore, PunjabBSN: 50
Post RN: 30
F: 50
F: 30
SWCON Website
13Jamshoro College of Nursing
Jamshoro, SindhPost RN: 100M: 50 / F: 50No Record Found
14People SON LUMS
Jamshoro, SindhBSN: 50M: 05 / F: 45No Record Found
15Post Graduate College of NursingPeshawar, KPKFast Track BSN: 30M: 15 / F: 15Phone:091-927369
16Ilmiya Institute of Nursing
Karachi, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25Phone:+9221 35313715, 353
17Karachi Kings Nursing College
Karachi, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25Phone: +9221-36018121
KKCON Website
18St. James School of NursingKarachi, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25Phone: 0341-2333233,
19Life Saving School of Nursing
Karachi, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25No Record Found
20Islamic Mission HospitalKarachi, SindhBSN: 25
Post RN: 25
M: 03 / F: 23
M: 12 / F: 13
Phone: 9221-5064254, 8266860, 4269591
College of Nursing
Karachi, SindhBSN: 25
Post RN: 50
M: 03 / F: 22
M: 25 / F: 25
No Record Found
22Shalamar College Of Nursing
Lahore, PunjabBSN: 50M: 03 / F: 22Phone: 042 6820597
SNC Website
23Royal Collage of Nursing
Swat, KPKBSN: 50
Post RN: 40
M: 05 / F: 45
F: 40
Phone: 0946 721803-4
RCNS Website
24New Life Collage of NursingKarachi, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25NLCON Website
25Beachwood Institute of Nursing
Hyderabad, SindhPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25No Record Found
26Nishter Collage of Nursing
Multan, PunjabBSN: 50F: 50No Record Found
27Karachi Adventist School of Nursing
Karachi, SindhPost RN: 15M: 07 / F: 08No Record Found
Medical Center
Karachi, SindhBSN: 30M: 03 / F: 27NMC Website
29Rehman Medical InstitutePeshawar, KPKBSN: 50
Post RN: 35
M: 05 / F: 45
M: 17 / F: 18
Phone: +92 91 5838 000
RMI Website
30Allama Iqbal College of NursingLahore, PunjabBSN: 50F: 50Phone: 042 99231443
31Peshawar Medical College (Rufaida CON)Peshawar, KPKBSN: 30
Post RN: 25
M: 03 / F: 27
M: 12 / F: 13
Phone: (091) 5202194
32CON Mandina Teaching HospitalFaisalabad, PunjabBSN: 25
Post RN: 20
M: 02 / F: 23
M: 10 / F: 10
Phone: (041) 8869910
MTH Website
33PG Collage of NursingLahore, PunjabPost RN: 20M: 10 / F: 10No Record Found
34Collage of Nursing National HospitalLahore, PunjabFast Track BSN: : 30M: 15 / F: 15CONNH Website
35Multan Collage of NursingMultan, PunjabBSN: 30
Post RN: 55
Fast Track BSN: 30
M: 03 / F: 27
M: 27 / F: 28
M: 15 / F: 15
Phone: 061-6782877
MMDC Website
[email protected]
36CON Christian Hospital
Quetta, BalochistanBSN: 20M: 02 / F: 18No Record Found
37Dua Institute of NursingHyderabad, SindhPost RN: 25M: 12 / F: 13No Record Found
38Jijal Maau College of NursingHyderabad, SindhPost RN: 50M: 05 / F: 45No Record Found
39Isra CON Islamabad CampusIslamabadPost RN: 20M: 10 / F: 10No Record Found
40CON Holy Family HospitalRawalpindi, PunjabBSN: 25M: 03 / F: 22Phone: (051) 9290321
41School of Nursing CMHLahore, PunjabBSN: 35M: 03 / F: 22Phone: 042 99221108
42North West College of NursingPeshawar, KPKPost RN: 20
BSN: 25
F: 20
F: 25
NWIHS Website
43PNS ShifaKarachi, SindhBSN: 25F: 25Phone: (021) 48506500
44Pakistan International College of NursingPeshawar, KPKBSN: 25M: 03 / F: 22Phone: (091) 5892731
PIMC Website[email protected]
45Institute of Nursing Wah Medical CollegeWah Cantt, PunjabPost RN: 30
BSN: 35
M: 15 / F: 15
M: 04 / F: 31
WION Website
46Sharif College of NursingLahore, PunjabBSN: 25F: 25Phone: 042-111123-786
SMC Website
47Bahawalpur College of NursingBahawlpur, PunjabPost RN: 30F: 30Phone: 0301 7410 116
BCON Website
48Patel College of NursingKarachi, SindhPost RN: 30
BSN: 30
M: 15 / F: 15
M: 03 / F: 27
Patel Website
49Amazing Grace SONKarachi, SindhPost RN: 25M: 13 / F: 12Phone: 02134540631
AGSN Website
50College of Nursing BalochistanQuetta, BalochistanPost RN: 25M: 13 / F: 12No Record Found
51CON Quetta Institute of Medical SciencesQuetta, BalochistanBSN: 25F: 25Phone: (081) 2833654
QIMS Website
52CON CMH Kharian CanttKharian, PunjabBSN: 30F: 30Phone: (053) 7532239
53Superior CONLahore, PunjabPost RN: 40
Fast Track BSN: 40
M: 20 / F: 20
M: 20 / F: 20
No Record Found
54Independent CONFaisalabad, PunjabPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25Phone: (041) 2617122
IMC Website
55PIMS College of NursingIslamabad, PunjabPost RN: 50M: 25 / F: 25No Record Found
56CON BhattaiNawabshah, SindhPost RN: 25M: 12 / F: 13No Record Found
57CON CMH Multan CanttMultan, PunjabBSN: 35F: 35Phone: (061) 450478
CIMS Website
58Sachal Sarmast CONKarachi, SindhPost RN: 25M: 12 / F: 13No Record Found
59Mehran College Of NursingKhairpur, SindhPost RN: 25M: 12 / F: 13No Record Found

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Complete List of Nursing Schools and colleges in Pakistan 

Nursing Colleges in Punjab

As the leading province in nursing education, Punjab boasts a network of 174 nursing colleges catering to various needs and aspirations. From established institutions like Fatima Jinnah Medical University and Lahore General Hospital College of Nursing to specialized colleges like the Punjab Institute of Cardiology and King Edward Medical College, Punjab offers a comprehensive range of programs, including BSN, MSN, and Post-RN specialties. Government-run colleges like Services Institute of Medical Sciences provide affordable options, while private institutions like The University of Lahore and Fatima Memorial System offer modern facilities and specialized programs.

S No.Name of InstitutionsCity
1DHQ HospitalBahawal Nagar
2B.V. HospitalBahawal Pur
3DHQ HospitalChakwal
4DHQ HospitalD.G Khan
5Aziz Fatima Trust HospitalFaisalabad
6DHQ HospitalFaisalabad
7Mian Muhammd Trust HospitalFaisalabad
8National HospitalFaisalabad
9Public Health SchoolFaisalabad
10Allied HospitalFaisalabad
11St. Rafeel'S HospitalFaisalabad
12Allama Iqbal Memorial HospitalGujranwala
13DHQ HospitalGujranwala
14Rafiq Anwar Memorial HospitalGujranwala
15Aziz Bhatti Shaheed HospitalGujrat
16DHQ HospitalHafizabad
17College Of NursingIslamabad
18Federal Government Services HospitalIslamabad
19DHQ HospitalJhang
20DHQ HospitalJhelum
21DHQ HospitalJoharabad
22DHQ HospitalKasur
23Combined Military HospitalKharian
24Allama Iqbal Medical CollegeLahore
25Combined Military HospitalLahore
26Fatima Jinnah Medical College for WomenLahore
27Fatima Memorial HospitalLahore
28Ittefaq Trust HospitalLahore
29King Edward Medical UniversityLahore
30Lady Aitchison HospitalLahore
31Lady Willington HospitalLahore
32Lahore General HospitalLahore
33Public Health Nursing SchoolLahore
34Services HospitalLahore
35Sheikh Zayed HospitalLahore
36The Children'S HospitalLahore
37DHQ HospitalLayyah
38DHQ HospitalLodhran
39DHQ HospitalMandi Baha-Ud-Din
40DHQ HospitalMianwali
41DHQ HospitalMir Pur (Ajk)
42Combined Military HospitalMultan
43Nishter HospitalMultan
44Women'S Christian HospitalMultan
45DHQ HospitalMuzafargarh
46DHQ HospitalOkara
47Sheikh Zayed Medical CollegeRahim Yar Khan
48DHQ HospitalRajanpur
49Combined Military HospitalRawalpindi
50District Headquarters HospitalRawalpindi
51Fauji Foundation HospitalRawalpindi
52Holy Family HospitalRawalpindi
53Rawalpindi General HospitalRawalpindi
54DHQ HospitalSahiwal
55Nancy Fulwood HospitalSahiwal

Nursing Colleges in Sindh

Following closely behind Punjab, Sindh boasts 167 nursing colleges, making it a major hub for nursing education in Pakistan. Renowned institutions like Dow University of Health Sciences and Jinnah Sindh Medical College offer prestigious BSN and MSN programs, while colleges like Sindh Institute of Nursing and Midwifery and Liaquat National Hospital College of Nursing provide specialized training. Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Sindh, houses a large concentration of colleges, offering diverse options for aspiring nurses.

S No.Name of InstitutionsCity
1Aga Khan M & C Care CentreHyderabad
2CDF HospitalHyderabad
3Isra UniversityHyderabad
4Liaquat UniversityHyderabad
5Public Health SchoolHyderabad
6Sir Cj HyderabadHyderabad
7St. Elizbeth HospitalHyderabad
8Wali Bhai Rajputana HospitalHyderabad
9Civil HospitalJaccobabad
10Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training InstituteKarachi
11Murshid HospitalKarachi
12P.N. ShifaKarachi
13People Medical College HospitalKarachi
14Aga Khan UniversityKarachi
15Atiya School Of MidwiferyKarachi
16Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training InstituteKarachi
17Baqai Medical University/HospitalKarachi
18Civil HospitalKarachi
19Dr. Ziauddin HospitalKarachi
20Holy Family HospitalKarachi
21Ilmiya Institute Of NursingKarachi
22Islamic Mission HospitalKarachi
23Jinnah Postgraduate Medical CentreKarachi
24Karachi Adventist HospitalKarachi
25Karachi King's SONKarachi
26Lady Dufferin HospitalKarachi
27Liaquat National HospitalKarachi
28Medicare HospitalKarachi
29National Institute Of Child HealthKarachi
30National Medical CentreKarachi
31New Life School Of NursingKarachi
32Public Health SchoolKarachi
33Rufaida Hamdard University HospitalKarachi
35Sobhraj Mat. Home KMCKarachi
36SON Life SavingKarachi
37SON Patel HospitalKarachi
38St. James HospitalKarachi
39Unique School Of NursingKarachi
40Civil HospitalKhair Pur
41SON Sachal SarmastKhair Pur
42Chandka Medical CollegeLarkana
43Civil HospitalMir Pur Khas
44St. Teresa'S HospitalMir Pur Khas
45Nawab Shah Medical College for WomenNawab Shah
46Civil HospitalSanghar
47R.B.U.T.Shikar Pur
48Civil HospitalSukkur
49Civil HospitalThatta
50School of NursingBadin
51Civil HospitalNasheroferoz

Nursing Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

KP offers 125 nursing colleges, providing accessible and quality education throughout the province. Prominent institutions like Khyber Medical College and Hayatabad Medical Complex College of Nursing cater to the needs of students in Peshawar, while colleges like Lady Reading Hospital College of Nursing and Bacha Khan Medical College serve other regions. KP provides a balanced mix of government and private colleges, ensuring affordable and specialized options for aspiring nurses.

S No.Name of InstitutionsCity
1Public Health SchoolAbbottabad
2Ayub Medical CollegeAbbottabad
3DHQ HospitalAbbottabad
4DHQ HospitalBannu
5Mufti Memorial HospitalD.I. Khan
6Public Health SchoolD.I. Khan
7Liaquat Memorial Hospital (DHQ)Kohat
8Mardan Medical ComplexMardan
9Farkhunda SONPeshawar
10Fatima Jinnah PHNSPeshawar
11Hyatabad Medical ComplexPeshawar
12Khyber Teaching HospitalPeshawar
13PMI Leady Reading HospitalPeshawar
14Public Health SchoolPeshawar
15Public Health SchoolPeshawar
16Saidu Group HospitalSwat

Nursing Colleges in Balochistan

Balochistan, despite having a smaller network of 36 nursing colleges, offers a dedicated and growing environment for nursing education. Established institutions like Bolan Medical College and Fatima Jinnah Medical College provide foundational BSN programs, while colleges like Balochistan Institute of Technology and Government College of Nursing offer specialized training. With an increasing focus on healthcare development, Balochistan is witnessing the expansion of its nursing education landscape, offering promising opportunities for future generations.

S No.Name of InstitutionsCity
1Public Health SchoolAbbottabad
2Ayub Medical CollegeAbbottabad
3DHQ HospitalAbbottabad
4DHQ HospitalBannu
5Mufti Memorial HospitalD.I. Khan
6Public Health SchoolD.I. Khan
7Liaquat Memorial Hospital (DHQ)Kohat
8Mardan Medical ComplexMardan
9Farkhunda SONPeshawar
10Fatima Jinnah PHNSPeshawar
11Hyatabad Medical ComplexPeshawar
12Khyber Teaching HospitalPeshawar
13PMI Leady Reading HospitalPeshawar
14Public Health SchoolPeshawar
15Public Health SchoolPeshawar
16Saidu Group HospitalSwat

Nursing Colleges in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)

AJK, with 9 nursing colleges, provides valuable educational opportunities for aspiring nurses in the region. Colleges like Muzaffarabad Medical College and Poonch Medical College offer BSN programs, while institutions like Abbas Institute of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences cater to specialized training needs. AJK, despite its smaller network, remains committed to providing quality nursing education and contributing to the healthcare workforce.

Nursing Colleges in Federal:

The Federal Territory, encompassing Islamabad, boasts 23 nursing colleges catering to a diverse student population. Renowned institutions like Foundation University School of Science & Technology and Shifa College of Medicine offer prestigious BSN and MSN programs, while colleges like Islamabad Medical & Dental College and Federal Government College of Nursing provide accessible and affordable options. The Federal Territory serves as a melting pot of nursing education, offering a vibrant and diverse learning environment.