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Nursing Admission in Chenab University...

Nursing Admission in Chenab University 2024

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Welcome to the University of Chenab! Here, you’ll find a tranquil setting, a team of dedicated educators and support staff, and a structured yet pleasant and encouraging environment. Our university is dedicated to nurturing capable professionals in their chosen fields, and we place a high priority on the mental well-being of our students. We believe that education goes beyond grades; it’s about cultivating a supportive community that promotes personal growth and development. We’re excited to embark on this journey of learning and growth with you

Offering Program:

  1. Bachelor science in Nursing 4 year program
  2. Post RN BSN 2 Year degree program

Eligibility Criteria for BS Nursing

  • Qualification: F.Sc. with pre-medical / equivalency (50% Marks)
  • Matric with science as per HEC requirements
  • Age Limit: 17-35 Years
  • Gender: Male & Female (Open Merit)
  • Valid CNI
  • University of Chenab Entry Test / Interview is mandatory.

Fee Structure for BS Nursing:


At the University of Chenab, we offer various financial assistance scholarships to support our students:

  1. Need Based Scholarships: Tailored for students with demonstrated financial need.
  2. Orphan Based Financial Assistance: Designed to aid students who have lost their parents.
  3. Kinship Based Financial Assistance: Providing support to students based on family circumstances.
  4. Chenab Employee Financial Assistance Policy: Supporting children of Chenab employees in their educational pursuits.
  5. Chenab Employee Kin Financial Assistance Policy: Extending assistance to relatives of Chenab employees.
  6. Alumni Scholarships: Awarded to outstanding graduates of the University of Chenab.
  7. Chenab M.Phil./MS Scholarships: Specifically for students pursuing higher degrees in M.Phil./MS programs.
  8. Inter-Provincial Scholarships: Available for students from different provinces.
  9. Scholarships For Students With Disabilities: Tailored to provide support for differently-abled students.
  10. Sports Based Scholarship: Recognizing and aiding talented athletes
Nursing Admission in Chenab University 2024
Last Date to apply:

last date to apply is 04 November 2023

February 20, 2024

About the Admission

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Gender Preference

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Course Offered

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