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Admission, Fee structure Nursing Programs At The University of Punjab in 2021

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The University of Punjab is among the oldest institutes of higher learning in Pakistan; founded in 1882 by the British Government. The University of Punjab is among the most highly rated institutes in Pakistan. The University is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom.

The University of Punjab currently offers two programs in the discipline of nursing which are Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic BSN) and Post RN BSN.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic BSN)

This program is a four-year degree, it aims to equip students with capabilities to become knowledgeable nurses. After these four years, students are ready to give their PNC license exam and become a RN.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic BSN) is that the student applying should be less than 24 years of age, should have cleared his F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with at least 55% marks.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic BSN)

F.Sc (Pre-Medical)
55% marks
24 years maximum age

Post RN BSN:

The Post RN-BScN programme is a two-year programme designed to provide experienced registered nurses a chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge and skills needed to practice nursing care as clinically competent professional nurses

Eligibility Criteria:

Students wishing to enroll into this program must meet the requirements set by the university which are to have cleared matriculation (science) by at least 55% marks, a diploma in nursing, and a diploma in midwifery (or any post specialty diploma for males).


Matriculation (Science) with 55% marks
Diploma in Nursing
Diploma in midwifery (or any specialty in case of males)

Fee Structure.

The fee structure for both programs remains the same. The fees for BSN and Post RN BSN can be broken down into four sections which are named as Fee, Services, Utilities, and department dues. The fee is structured as shown in the tables below:

Fee1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem4th Sem5th sem6th Sem7th Sem8th Sem9th Sem10th Sem
Admission feeRs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300Rs.300
Tuition FeeRs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000Rs.50,000
Fee TotalRs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300Rs.50,300
Services1stSem2nd Sem3rdSem4th Sem5th Sem6th Sem7th Sem8th Sem9th Sem10th Sem
Breakage FeeRs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500
Bus Pass ChargesRs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990Rs.1990
Examination FeeRs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771Rs.1,771
Library ServiceRs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400Rs.400
Mosque Maintenance FundRs. 50N/ARs. 50N/ARs. 50N/ARs. 50N/ARs. 50N/A
P.U. Dev. FundRs.500N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
P.U. Medical FeeRs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175Rs.175
P.U.S.T.C/ P.U.W.S.T.CRs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/A
Sports Development & Swimming Pool FeeRs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/A
Sports Fund(PUTDSA)Rs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/ARs.200N/A
Students Welfare FundRs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/ARs.500N/A
Services TotalRs.8,786Rs.4,661Rs.6,286Rs.4,661Rs.6,286Rs.4,661Rs.6,286Rs.4,661Rs.6,286Rs.4,661
Utilities1stSem2ndSem3rdSem4thSem5th Sem6thSem7thSem8thSem9thSem10thSem
Electricity ChargesRs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910Rs.910
P.U. Internet FacilityRs.970N/ARs.970N/ARs.970N/ARs.970N/ARs.970N/A
Utilities TotalRs.1880Rs.910Rs.1880Rs.910Rs.1880Rs.910Rs.1880Rs.910Rs.1880Rs.910
Departmental Dues1stSem2ndSem3rdSem4thSem5thSem6thSem7thSem8thSem9thSem10thSem
Departmental DuesRs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000Rs.7000
Grand Total1stSem2ndSem3rdSem4thSem5thSem6thSem7thSem8thSem9thSem10thSem

NOTE: Both these programs are self supported but there are financial aid opportunities for students which will be judged on a case by case basis.

The program for Post RN BSN only lasts for four semesters while the program for BSN is for eight semesters; the additional semesters in the list are added for if the student is unable to graduate on time.

How to Apply?

Students may apply to the programs offered by the University of Punjab by visiting the campus at Canal Rd, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore, Punjab.

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