Blessing Institute of Nursing & Paramedics Admissions 2023 |Karachi|

Admissions open 2023
Blessing Institute of Nursing & Paramedics Admissions 2023 |Karachi|

The Blessing Institute of Nursing is located in Karachi Sindh. It is also among Sindh’s top nursing schools. By producing educated and competent nurses, it serves the nation by offering the greatest nursing education available. The greatest structure and most knowledgeable teachers are found at Blessing Institute of Nursing in Karachi. Admissions to nursing programmes at Blessing Institute of Nursing are available for the year 2023. Therefore, we will provide you with information on the Blessing Institute of Nursing, Karachi programmes, fees, eligibility requirements, admissions process, and all other essential details in this post.

Programs Offered:

Admissions are open for the year 2022 in nursing. Currently, Blessing Institute of Nursing is offering admission in the BSN Generic degree program.

BSN Generic:

The Blessing Institute of Nursing, Sukkur, offers a 4-year degree programme in BSN Generic. This degree programme lasts five years in total. In the institute, there are four years of theoretical instruction and one year of clinical training. He or she can obtain a legitimate PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council) credential and use the title “RN” after completing the required five years (registered nurse).

Eligibility Criteria of Bs In Nursing:

The Blessing Institute of Nursing’s 4-year BSN general degree programme has qualifying requirements, which will be covered in this section of the article. The applicant must have completed matriculated coursework in biology, chemistry, and physics as required subjects. The applicant additionally completed an F.Sc. in pre-medicine with a minimum grade of 50% in biology, chemistry, and physics as required courses. At the time of admission, the applicant’s age must fall between 15 and 35.

  • Matric with biology, chemistry, and physics as a compulsory subject
  • F.Sc having biology, chemistry, and physics as compulsory subjects with a minimum of 50% marks
  • Age Limit: 15-35 years

Fee Structure:

It’s time to talk about the crucial component of any degree programme. We will now discuss the fees of the Blessing Institute of Nursing’s BSN Generic degree programme. Admission fees and semester fees are included in the pricing structure.

Admission Fee100,000
Semester (6) Months Fee80,000

Certified Nursing Assistant/CNA:

Admission Fee15,000
Monthly Fee5,000

Admission Process

The deadline for applications is 7 December, 2023. Obtaining an admission form is the first thing you need to do in order to get admitted to the BSN Generic degree programme. The entrance form requires that you correctly complete every field. Attach the admission form to any supporting documents. the Blessing Institute of Nursing, after which. The university will contact you for an interview and admission test after that. All students must take entry exams and interviews. Following these procedures, Blessing Institute of Nursing will present the final merit of the qualified applicants. To finalise your admission, you must then submit your payments.

  • Entry Test
  • Interview
Last date to Apply:

Submission of Admission Form Last date is July,2023.

Blessing Institute of Nursing & Paramedics Admissions 2023 |Karachi|

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